A Frenchwoman’s Legacy of Love

Danielle Moussett Menais

On 21 October I received the dreaded text from a friend in Paris: “Come now. Danielle is in bad condition.” Danielle Moussett (née Menais), the woman I called “my French mom,” was at the end of her battle with pancreatic cancer; Jesus was calling her home. Due to financial constraints and work responsibilities, I had not … Read more

Take Me Deeper: Typography and Meaning

Take Me Deeper: Reflections and Prayers from the Edge

Next to writing, I think I like taking photos best. So when I was trying to develop the cover for Over Oceans, a collage (of sorts) came to mind. When I showed the initial design (of round three of cover designs) to an artist friend, she just looked at it and didn’t say much, turning it around … Read more

Sleeping Jesus

JMW Turner Snow Storm

It is a great comfort to me to know that when I’m sleeping, the Lord is taking care of business. As the psalmist says: He doesn’t sleep or take naps (Ps. 121:4). He goes and goes and goes. But if the Lord doesn’t sleep, what are we to think of sleeping Jesus in Mark 4:35-40? For … Read more