Heaven is a Playground

Pop culture is replete with characterizations of Christians as being sour, dull, and way too serious about life. As a Christian, it’s easy to dismiss these characterizations as being unfair. But, that lets us off the hook too easily. And, well, it’s just a sour, dull and way too serious answer to the often hilarious characterizations … Read more

The Pilgrim’s Progress Will Make a Traveller of You

Map to the Celestial City, detail

John Bunyan was a radical. Perhaps you might even call him a religious radical. And maybe some might call him a fanatic. Bunyan had no thought of hashtags or Twitter. He lived in the 17th century, a time when most book titles weren’t short enough to fit in a Tweet. His best-selling book, The Pilgrim’s Progress … Read more

The Busloads to Hell

Busload of people

Whether in the mind or the heart or in reality, hell is not a place that anyone wants to be. But people go there. By the busloads. Every moment. And no one, not even God, is sending them to hell. Hell is “the greatest monument to human freedom,” C.S. Lewis says. The occupants of hell … Read more