The True Opium of the People

Karl Marx called religion the opium of the masses. The belief that Jesus would return again and right all wrongs has helped many Christians throughout the centuries to endure oppression and unjust treatment. Marx thought such beliefs, such illusions about the future to be an impediment to political and economic progress. While people remained high … Read more

Forgiveness is…

Forgiveness is always better than bitterness… A man is cheated on seven times by his wife. A friend lies to another friend about a private matter. An awkward child is refused friendship by schoolmates year after painful year. What is one to do? What do we tell our friend that has been mistreated and used? Do we … Read more

Same-Sex Marriage: What’s a Christian to Think and Do?

Same-sex marriage. The three-word combination that was once only a dream for the homosexual community is now a legal reality in the United States. But, what is a Bible-believing Christian to think and/or do about all this? Just “love, love, love,” as the Beatles sang? Yes, love—that’s all we need. It is how God made … Read more