Art and Truth in Chartres

Art, like truth and goodness, must have a foundation for criticism, for evaluation. Our hearts tell us this. There is right. There is wrong. There is beauty. There is good. There is evil. There is love… And there is the One who loves us all despite our unjust ways with one another. Art that is … Read more

Hemingway’s Epigram

Reilly vin en Chartres

A big man named Hubert, a jazz singer, a skydiver, and a wife with a leopard print purse. It wasn’t a joke. The evening felt like something from a Hemingway novel. The Sun Also Rises, perhaps. But we weren’t in Paris. We were in Chartres. And it was 2020, not 1920. My point? Read Hemingway’s … Read more

France’s Liberation and the Way of Liberty

When American soldiers came marching into Chartres on 18 August 1944, five-year-old “Rocques” stood on the street corner near his home, and cheered. He didn’t know that the soldiers had just watched thousands of their fellows die on the beaches of Normandy. He didn’t know that they were exhausted and afraid and missed home. Rocques knew that … Read more