Common belief: Losers fail. Winners win.

The truth: Winners fail too.

The difference? Winners remember who they are when they fail.

Failure happens. Don’t be surprised by it. But, don’t let the failure define you. Focus on the reason that you’re here on this planet. Get around people that focus on that same reason, and stay around them.

Overcoming failure takes community. Overcoming requires perspective from outside your head. It requires a playful view of oneself that understands that winners fail too.

By all means, strive not to fail. But, learn who you are, and remember who you are, and why you’re here.

You’re here to win the ultimate prize, a prize that can’t be taken away, that will not fade, that will make all the trophies of this life seem like, well, the end of a glass of bad lemonade.

(If you don’t know or understand why you’re here, then drop me a line here. I’ll be happy to explore that with you and pass on some things that might help.)