Forgiveness is…

Forgiveness is always better than bitterness…

A man is cheated on seven times by his wife.

A friend lies to another friend about a private matter.

An awkward child is refused friendship by schoolmates year after painful year.

What is one to do?

What do we tell our friend that has been mistreated and used? Do we tell them just to forget about it? Can an injustice be truly forgotten? Should it be forgotten?

Forgiveness is not forgetfulness, nor is it trust. Forgiveness is not a form of selective amnesia that can be brought on if one meditates long enough on the offender’s good qualities while ignoring their destructive ones.

Forgiveness remembers. But, it does not hold on to the offense.

Forgiveness is not a pushing aside of justice. It trusts that God will settle the matter.

Forgiveness holds on to that grace which protects and preserves us all from instant judgment.

If you don’t practice forgiveness, you will be a bitter person. If you make forgiveness a daily practice, you will experience joy, and be a joy to others.

Forgiving people are emotionally and psychologically healthy people. They might get angry, but they ‘don’t let the sun go down on their anger.’ They don’t let the devil get into their heart and soul through the backdoor of unforgiveness.

Show me a psychopath, a sociopath, an abuser, a religiously motivated terrorist, or any terrorist, and I’ll show you a person who has withheld forgiveness for an offense (or offenses) suffered.

Forgiveness could save many and much, if we would value it for what it is.