Beginnings Are better than… Endings Breakups Failures Defeats Heartache If you never begin, you will never suffer. But if you never begin, you will never live. You will never know… Victory Joy Love Hope realized Satisfaction of a long journey finished Life is beginnings and risking suffering and suffering risks. Begin.

Assumptions Aren’t the Truth


Assumptions aren’t the truth. But we rely on them all the time. Most normal, everyday communication is built on assumptions whether verbal or nonverbal, electronic or live. Assumptions carry our communications and make them quicker and usually more efficient. When a friend sends a text that reads: “Thanks for being a good fiend!” You don’t pause to … Read more

Actually, Balaam’s Ass Was Right


Balaam’s ass was a hero that deserves more press. (You can read the story of Balaam’s ass here.) She was afraid when she needed to be afraid. And she did what she could to obey God. Balaam’s ass became particularly precious to me about fifteen years ago. I had been invited to an exclusive dinner party. … Read more