Augustus walked this way

Aouste sur Sye France Roman Bridge 2020

Augustus walked this way. And well, I might say the rest is history, but it’s not. History is not a current that can be stopped or diverted. It flows over and through people groups, shaping lives, events and nations. It is not captured in a monument. It cannot be toppled, erased or undone—certainly not by … Read more

Great-Great-Grandma Oyateotawi

Native American Great-Great-Grandma White

Pictured here is my great-great-grandma Oyateotawi. Her name means “Girl of Many Peoples.” Native American genealogy is not easy to trace (they didn’t keep written records), but from what I can find, Oyateotawi is closely related to chiefs Little Crow and Big Thunder. How she ended up at the frontier fort in what is now … Read more

Subverted: How I Helped the Sexual Revolution Hijack the Women’s Movement

Subvert book cover

Currently reading: Subverted: How I Helped the Sexual Revolution Hijack the Women’s Movement by Sue Ellen Browder. Because there’s always a hidden side of any revolution in thought, or otherwise… From the front: The chains that bind [a woman] in her trap are chains in her own mind and spirit. They are chains made up … Read more

France’s Liberation and the Way of Liberty

When American soldiers came marching into Chartres on 18 August 1944, five-year-old “Rocques” stood on the street corner near his home, and cheered. He didn’t know that the soldiers had just watched thousands of their fellows die on the beaches of Normandy. He didn’t know that they were exhausted and afraid and missed home. Rocques knew that … Read more

The Pilgrim’s Progress Will Make a Traveller of You

Map to the Celestial City, detail

John Bunyan was a radical. Perhaps you might even call him a religious radical. And maybe some might call him a fanatic. Bunyan had no thought of hashtags or Twitter. He lived in the 17th century, a time when most book titles weren’t short enough to fit in a Tweet. His best-selling book, The Pilgrim’s Progress … Read more

Grace and Redemption in The Homesman

Like some books, some films change us forever. The Homesman changed me. It is desolate, yet strangely beautiful. The plot concerns the transportation of three mentally disturbed women back across the unsettled Western territories of the United States. It gives another side of how the west was won that is rarely depicted by Hollywood. One of the three women … Read more

Imagine No Clocks

When Jesus returns, and the earth and the sky are transformed, there will be no clocks. Time will disappear. Hard to imagine. And, maybe frightening for some. But, as godlike as time might seem, one day time will give way to eternity. So… Imagine there’s no alarm clocks.It’s easy if you tryNo boss to give you hellNo one to … Read more