Assumptions Aren’t the Truth

Assumptions aren’t the truth.

But we rely on them all the time.

Most normal, everyday communication is built on assumptions whether verbal or nonverbal, electronic or live. Assumptions carry our communications and make them quicker and usually more efficient. When a friend sends a text that reads: “Thanks for being a good fiend!” You don’t pause to ask for clarification. (Well, you might.) You assume that she meant to write: “Thanks for being a good friend!”

While autocorrect mistakes and typos can be amusing and easily deciphered, the best rule to communicate by is never assume anything.

Assumptions aren’t the truth. They are communication devices that can only be totally relied upon when two people share a brain. (Which is never.)

The truth is the truth is the truth. Don’t be afraid to mask unmask ask for it. Knowing the truth is much better than being wrong.

Photo credit: “Words” by Andrew Smith via Flickr