Krista White is an author, an editor, and a professional sports mentor.

Born on a U.S. Air Force base in California, Krista began life under the roar of jet engines. Her dad’s career as a pilot took the family across the country and back. By the age of twelve, Krista had lived in Arizona, South Dakota, Illinois, California and Washington, DC. Before she graduated from high school, the family moved to what was then West Germany. Travels to England, Italy, France, Austria, Switzerland, and a divided Berlin, equipped her as no schooling could for the many people that God had planned for her to meet and serve.

After leaving West Germany, Krista went to Virginia to study psychology. She played soccer for Liberty University. And later, studied English literature and theology in Texas. She has published two books on her experiences as a professional sports mentor and missionary: Over Oceans: A Memoir and Take Me Deeper: Reflections & Prayers from the Edge. She has also written books for secondary education on literature, history, the Bible, and health.